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 NF P20-604-2000  (Door leaves - General and local flatness - Measurement method.)
 NF V04-346-2000  (Dried milk and dried milk products - Determination of fat content - Gravimetric method (Reference method).)
 NF C93-902-37-1998  (Fibres optic interconnecting devices and passive components. Basic test and measurements procedures. Part 2-37 : tests. Cable bending for closures.)
 NF E31-508/A2-2000  (Domestic gas-fired forced convection air heaters for space heating, with fan-assisted burners not exceeding a net heat input of 70 kW.)
 NF C93-901-1997  (Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components. Basic test and measurement procedures. Part 1 : general and guidance.)
 NF E25-722-2003  (Open end blind rivets with break pull mandrel and protruding head - Cu/St or Cu/Br or Cu/SSt.)
 NF C93-903-3-1997  (Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components. Basic test and measurement procedures. Part 3-3 : examinations and measurements. Monitoring change in attenuation and in return loss (multiple paths).)
 NF C93-593-6-1998  (Methods of measurement for waveguides. Part 6 : return loss on waveguide and waveguide assemblies.)
 NF C93-593-4-1998  (Methods of measurement for waveguides. Part 4 : attenuation of waveguide and waveguide assemblies.)
 NF C93-850-2-2003  (Optical fibre cables - Part 2 : indoor cables - Sectional specification.)
 NF C97-618-1-1998  (Electroacoustics. Simulators of human head and ear. Part 1 : ear simulator for the calibration of supra-aural earphones.)
 NF Z70-099-1-1993  (Information technology. Open systems interconnection. Procedures for the operation of OSI registration authorities. General procedures.)
 NF S31-990-1998  (Sound system equipment. Part 16 : objective rating of speech intelligibility by speech transmission index.)
 NF E29-302-2-1996  (Industrial valves. Face-to-face and centre-to-face dimensions of metal valves for use in flanged pipe systems. Part 2 : class-designated valves.)
 NF C71-004-1999  (Luminaires. Part 2 : particular requirements. Section 4 : portable general purpose luminaires.)
   DTU 55-2. .Ӧʯǽ.2:ر
 NF P65-202-2-2000  (DTU 55.2 - Building works - Applied stone wall cladding - Part 2 : special clauses.)
 NF P18-242-2003  (Aggregates for unbound and hydraulically bound materials for use in civil engineering work and road construction.)
 NF U47-018-2000  (Animal health analysis methods - Detection of antibodies against contagious bovine pleuropneumonia by the complement fixation test.)
 NF Z65-141-1995  (Information technology. Portable operating system interface (posix). Part 2 : shell and utilities.)
 NF X50-063-1995  (Calibration and testing laboratory accreditation system. General requirements for operation and recognition.)
 NF Z75-004-9-2003  (Information technology - Generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio information - Part 9 : extension for real time interface for systems decoders.)
 NF P20-515-2000  (Door leaves - Determination of the resistance to hard body impact.)
 NF S55-500-2003  (DIY or gardening equipment hire service - Definition of the service.)
 NF C71-024-1999  (Luminaires. Part 2 : particular requirements. Section 24 : luminaires with limited surface temperatures.)
 NF F67-001-4-1990  (Railway rolling stock. Electronic and microprocessor equipment. Part 4 : components.)
 NF C97-905-1994  (Ultrasonic power measurement in liquids in the frequency range 0,5 MHzto 25 MHz.)
 NF Z66-801-3-1994  (Information technology. Intelligent peripheral interface. Part 3 : device generic command set for magnetic and optical disk drives.)
 NF C93-643-228-1998  (Flexible insulating sleeving. Part 3 : specifications for individual types of sleeving. Sheet 228 : heat-shrinkable semi-rigid polyvinylidene fluoride sleeving, flame retarded, fluid resistant, shrink ratio 2:1.)
 NF X30-436-2003  (Characterization of waste - Digestion for subsequent determination of aqua regia soluble portion of elements.)
 NF C93-015-1999  (Packaging of components for automatic handling - Part 3 : packaging of surface mount components on continuous tapes.)
 NF Z87-132-2-2003  (Environmental engineering (EE) - Power supply interface at the input to telecommunications equipment - Part 2 : operated by direct current (dc).)
 NF P98-149-2000  (Asphalt - Terminology - Components and composition of mixtures - Implementation - Products - Techniques and processes.)
 NF G07-093-8-2003  (Textiles - Tests for colour fastness - Part C08 : colour fastness to domestic and commercial laundering using a non-phosphate reference detergent incorporating a low temperature bleach activator.)
 NF Z70-050-5-1991  (Information technology. Open systems interconnection. The directory. Part 5 : protocol specification.)
 NF C20-775-1998  (Environmental testing. Part 2 : tests. Test Eh : hammer tests.)
 NF C79-130-1998  (Electrical equipment of machines. Part 1 : general requirements.)
 NF C63-130-1999  (Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear. Part 3 : switches, disconnectors, switch-disconnectors and fuse-combination units.)
 NF C61-720-1997  (Electrical accessories. Cable reels for household and similar purposes.)
 NF C93-902-20-1997  (Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components. Basic test and measurement procedures. Part 2-20 : tests. Climatic sequence.)
 NF C91-024-1999  (Information technology equipment. Immunity characteristics. Limits and methods of measurement.)
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