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  Dispositifs dimmobilisation des fauteuils roulants et systmes de retenue des occupants pour vhicules accessibles destins au transport de passagers assis et debout - Partie 1: Systmes pour passagers en fauteuil roulant assis dos la route - Premire
ISO 10865-1-2012
  Small craft Hull construction and scantlings Part 9: Sailing craft appendages - First Edition
ISO 12215-9-2012
  Petits navires Construction de coques et chantillonnage Partie 9: Appendices des bateaux voiles - Premire dition
ISO 12215-9-2012
  Wheelchair containment and occupant retention systems for accessible transport vehicles designed for use by both sitting and standing passengers - Part 1: Systems for rearward-facing wheelchairseated passengers - First Edition
ISO 10865-1-2012
  Interior air of road vehicles - Part 3: Screening method for the determination of the emissions of volatile organic compounds from vehicle interior parts and materials - Micro-scale chamber method - First Edition
ISO 12219-3-2012
  Interior air of road vehicles - Part 2: Screening method for the determination of the emissions of volatile organic compounds from vehicle interior parts and materials - Bag method - First Edition
ISO 12219-2-2012
  Respiratory protective devices - Human factors - Part 4: Work of breathing and breathing resistance: Physiologically based limits - First Edition
ISO TS 16976-4-2012
  Peintures et vernis - Essais de schage - Partie 6: Essai de schage apparent complet - Premire dition
ISO 9117-6-2012
  Information and documentation - Digital records conversion and migration process - First Edition
ISO 13008-2012
  Rubber compounding ingredients - Carbon black - Determination of specific surface area by nitrogen adsorption methods - Single-point procedures - Second Edition
ISO 4652-2012
  Matriel au sol pour aronefs - Chargeur de pont suprieur - Exigences fonctionnelles - Premire dition
ISO 27471-2012
  Textiles - Collage des fibres de coton - Dtection de sucre par raction colore - Premire dition
ISO 12027-2012
  Forets plaquettes amovibles - Queues cylindriques mplat - Deuxime dition
ISO 9766-2012
  Ergonomie de linteraction homme-systme - Partie 410: Critres de conception des dispositifs dentre physiques AMENDEMENT 1 - Premire dition
ISO 9241-410 AMD 1-2012
  Fixations de skis alpins - Dclenchement latral sous choc - Mthode dessai - Deuxime dition
ISO 9465-2012
  Ships and marine technology - Ship recycling management systems - Guidelines for selection of ship recyclers (and pro forma contract) - Second Edition
ISO 30002-2012
  Event sustainability management systems - Requirements with guidance for use - First Edition
ISO 20121-2012
  Language resource management - Linguistic annotation framework (LAF) - First Edition
ISO 24612-2012
  Intelligent transport systems - Communications access for land mobiles (CALM) - IPv6 Networking - First Edition
ISO 21210-2012
  Systmes de management responsable appliqus l'activit vnementielle - Exigences et recommandations de mise en oeuvre - Premire dition
ISO 20121-2012
  Lubrifiants, huiles industrielles et produits connexes (classe L) - Famille X (Graisses) - Spcifications - RECTIFICATIF TECHNIQUE 1 - Premire dition
ISO 12924 CORR 1-2012
  Matriel agricole - Scurit - Partie 12: Faucheuses rotatives disques, faucheuses rotatives tambours et faucheuses-broyeuses - Premire dition
ISO 4254-12-2012
  Lubricants, industrial oils and related products (Class L) - Family X (Greases) - Specification - TECHNICAL CORRIGENDUM 1 - First Edition
ISO 12924 CORR 1-2012
  Agricultural machinery - Safety - Part 12: Rotary disc and drum mowers and flail mowers - First Edition
ISO 4254-12-2012
  Matriel agricole - Essai de projection dobjets et critres dacceptation - Partie 2: Faucheuses-broyeuses - Premire dition
ISO 17101-2-2012
  Matriel agricole - Essai de projection dobjets et critres dacceptation - Partie 1: Faucheuses rotatives - Premire dition
ISO 17101-1-2012
  Aircraft ground equipment - Upper deck loader - Functional requirements - First Edition
ISO 27471-2012
  Agricultural machinery - Thrown-object test and acceptance criteria - Part 2: Flail mowers - First Edition
ISO 17101-2-2012
  Agricultural machinery - Thrown-object test and acceptance criteria - Part 1: Rotary mowers - First Edition
ISO 17101-1-2012
  Textiles - Cotton-fibre stickiness - Detection of sugar by colour reaction - First Edition
ISO 12027-2012
  Drills with indexable inserts - Cylindrical shanks with a parallel flat - Second Edition
ISO 9766-2012
  Alpine ski-bindings - Lateral release under impact loading - Test method - Second Edition
ISO 9465-2012
  Paints and varnishes - Drying tests - Part 6: Print-free test - First Edition
ISO 9117-6-2012
  Fire detection and alarm systems - Part 5: Point-type heat detectors - Second Edition
ISO 7240-5-2012
  Information technology - Software asset management - Part 1: Processes and tiered assessment of conformance - Second Edition
ISO 19770-1-2012
  Information technology - Radio frequency identification for item management - RFID Emblem - First Edition
ISO 29160-2012
  Microscopes - Imaging distances related to mechanical reference planes - Part 1: Tube length 160 mm - Second Edition
ISO 9345-1-2012
  Information technology - Office equipment - Method for measuring digital copying productivity - Second Edition
ISO 24735-2012
  Ships and marine technology - Toughened safety glass panes for rectangular windows and side scuttles - Punch method of non-destructive strength testing - Fourth Edition
ISO 614-2012
  missions de sources fixes - Dtermination de la concentration en masse de PM10/PM2,5 dans les effluents gazeux - Mesurage des hautes concentrations laide des impacteurs virtuels - Premire dition
ISO 13271-2012
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