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  Information technology - Mobile item identification and management - Service broker for Mobile AIDC services - First Edition
ISO 29178-2012
  Pompes rotodynamiques - Essais de fonctionnement hydraulique pour la rception - Niveaux 1, 2 et 3 - Deuxime dition
ISO 9906-2012
  Soudage par rsistance - Essais destructifs des soudures sur matriaux mtalliques - Essai de torsion de soudure par rsistance par points - Deuxime dition
ISO 17653-2012
  Geometrical product specifications (GPS) - Dimensional measuring equipment; Height gauges - Design and metrological characteristics - First Edition
ISO 13225-2012
  Information and documentation - Qualitative conditions and basic statistics for library buildings - Space, function and design - First Edition
ISO TR 11219-2012
  Electrically propelled road vehicles - Vocabulary - First Edition
ISO TR 8713-2012
  Spcification gomtrique des produits (GPS) - quipement de mesurage dimensionnel; Mesureurs verticaux - Caractristiques de conception et caractristiques mtrologiques - Premire dition
ISO 13225-2012
  Information et documentation - Systme d'identifiant numrique d'objet - Premire dition
ISO 26324-2012
  Fibre ropes for offshore stationkeeping - High modulus polyethylene (HMPE) - First Edition
ISO TS 14909-2012
  Soil quality - Measurement of the stability of soil aggregates subjected to the action of water - First Edition
ISO 10930-2012
  Crocodile skins - Presentation, description of defects, grading on the basis of defects, size (length) and origin - First Edition
ISO 11396-2012
  Geographic information - Procedures for item registration - Part 2: XML schema implementation - First Edition
ISO TS 19135-2-2012
  Systmes de stylos-injecteurs - Partie 3: Joints pour stylos-injecteurs usage mdical - Premire dition
ISO 13926-3-2012
  Pen systems - Part 3: Seals for pen-injectors for medical use - First Edition
ISO 13926-3-2012
  Rubber, raw - Determination of volatilematter content - Part 2: Thermogravimetric methods using an automatic analyser with an infrared drying unit - First Edition
ISO 248-2-2012
  Anodizing of aluminium and its alloys - Experimental research on possible alternative sealing quality test methods to replace the phosphoric acid/chromic acid immersion test - Evaluation of correlations - First Edition
ISO TR 16689-2012
  Qualit du sol - Mesure de la stabilit dagrgats de sols soumis laction de leau - Premire dition
ISO 10930-2012
  Information technology - Learning, education, and training - Content packaging - Part 3: Best practice and implementation guide - First Edition
ISO TR 12785-3-2012
  Information technology - Coding of audio-visual objects - Part 28: Composite font representation - First Edition
ISO 14496-28-2012
  Information technology - User interfaces - Accessibility of personal computer hardware - First Edition
ISO 29136-2012
  Cordages en fibres pour le maintien en position des structures marines - Polythylne haut module - Premire dition
ISO TS 14909-2012
  Ergonomics of human-system interaction - Part 411: Evaluation methods for the design of physical input devices - First Edition
ISO TS 9241-411-2012
  Plastics - Determination of the ultimate anaerobic biodegradation of plastic materials in controlled slurry digestion systems - Method by measurement of biogas production - First Edition
ISO 13975-2012
  Surveillance et diagnostic dtat des machines - Interprtation des donnes et techniques de diagnostic - Partie 1: Lignes directrices gnrales - Premire dition
ISO 13379-1-2012
  Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines - Data interpretation and diagnostics techniques - Part 1: General guidelines - First Edition
ISO 13379-1-2012
  Papier - Dtermination de la rsistance au dchirement - Mthode Elmendorf - Quatrime dition
ISO 1974-2012
  Assessment of the safety of magnetic resonance imaging for patients with an active implantable medical device - First Edition
ISO TS 10974-2012
  Welding consumables - Solid wire electrodes, tubular cored electrodes and electrode-flux combinations for submerged arc welding of creep-resisting steels - Classification - Second Edition
ISO 24598-2012
  Welding consumables - Wire electrodes, wires, rods and deposits for gas shielded arc welding of creep-resisting steels - Classification - Second Edition
ISO 21952-2012
  Welding consumables - Wire electrodes, wires, rods and deposits for gas shielded arc welding of high strength steels - Classification - Second Edition
ISO 16834-2012
  Information technology - The Open Group Service Integration Maturity Model (OSIMM) - First Edition
ISO 16680-2012
  Produits consommables pour le soudage - Fils-lectrodes pleins, filslectrodes fourrs et couples lectrodesflux pour le soudage l'arc sous flux des aciers rsistant au fluage - Classification - Deuxime dition
ISO 24598-2012
  Produits consommables pour le soudage - Fils-lectrodes, fils, baguettes et dp?ts pour le soudage l'arc sous flux gazeux des aciers haute rsistance - Classification - Deuxime dition
ISO 16834-2012
  Produits consommables pour le soudage - Fils-lectrodes, fils, baguettes et dp?ts pour le soudage l'arc sous gaz de protection des aciers rsistant au fluage - Classification - Deuxime dition
ISO 21952-2012
  Resistance welding - Destructive tests on welds in metallic materials - Torsion test of resistance spot welds - Second Edition
ISO 17653-2012
  Information technology - Multimedia application format (MPEG-A) - Part 12: Interactive music application format AMENDMENT 2: Compact representation of dynamic volume change and audio equalization - First Edition
ISO 23000-12 AMD 2-2012
  Intelligent transport systems - Freight land conveyance content identification and communication (FLC-CIC) - Part 2: Application interface profiles - First Edition
ISO TS 26683-2-2012
  Information technology - Conformance testing methodology for biometric data interchange formats defined in ISO/IEC 19794 - Part 5: Face image data - Second Edition
ISO 29109-5-2012
  Optics and optical instruments - Laboratory procedures for testing surveying and construction instruments - Part 1: Performance of handheld laser distance meters - First Edition
ISO 16331-1-2012
  Information technology - Coding of audio-visual objects - Part 10: Advanced Video Coding - Seventh Edition
ISO 14496-10-2012
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