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  Air quality Sampling conventions for airborne particle deposition in the human respiratory system - First Edition
ISO 13138-2012
  Rice Determination of biometric characteristics of kernels - First Edition
ISO 11746-2012
  Ophthalmic implants Intraocular lenses Part 7: Clinical investigations AMENDMENT 1 - Second Edition
ISO 11979-7 AMD 1-2012
  Earth-moving machinery Safety requirements for remote operator control systems - Second Edition
ISO 15817-2012
  Prefilled syringes Part 3: Seals for dental local anaesthetic cartridges - Second Edition
ISO 11040-3-2012
  Prefilled syringes Part 5: Plunger stoppers for injectables - Third Edition
ISO 11040-5-2012
  Implants for surgery Wear of total hipjoint prostheses Part 1: Loading and displacement parameters for wear-testing machines and corresponding environmental conditions for test - Second Edition
ISO 14242-1-2012
  Fire-resistance tests Elements of building construction Part 1: General requirements AMENDMENT 1 - First Edition
ISO 834-1 AMD 1-2012
  Graphical symbols for use on equipment Registered symbols - Fourth edition
ISO 7000-2012
  Identification cards Physical characteristics AMENDMENT 2: Opacity - Third Edition
ISO 7810 AMD 2-2012
  Tyres (ply rating marked series) and rims for agricultural tractors and machines Part 1: Tyre designation and dimensions, and approved rim contours AMENDMENT 1 - Sixth Edition
ISO 4251-1 AMD 1-2012
  Petroleum and natural gas industries Design and operation of subsea production systems Part 6: Subsea production control systems
ISO DIS 13628-6-2012
  Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) Specifications AMENDMENT 1
ISO 18776 DAM 1-2012
  Nanotechnologies - Guidance on methods for nano- and microtribology measurements - First Edition
ISO TR 11811-2012
  Guidelines for evaluating cookstove performance
ISO IWA 11-2012
  Guide to the development and inclusion of safety aspects in International Standards for medical devices - Second Edition
ISO GUIDE 63-2012
  Nanotechnologies Vocabulary Part 5: Nano/bio interface - First Edition
ISO TS 80004-5 -2011
  Nanotechnologies Vocabulary Part 4: Nanostructured materials - First Edition
ISO TS 80004-4-2011
  Soil quality Determination of soil microbial diversity Part 2: Method by phospholipid fatty acid analysis (PLFA) using the simple PLFA extraction method - First Edition
ISO TS 29843-2-2011
  Information technology for learning, education and training Nomadicity and mobile technologies Part 2: Learner information model for mobile learning - First Edition
ISO TS 29140-2-2011
  Information technology for learning, education and training Nomadicity and mobile technologies Part 1: Nomadicity reference model - First Edition
ISO TS 29140-1-2011
  Safety requirements for escalators and moving walks Part 1: Global essential safety requirements (GESR) - First Edition
ISO TS 25740-1-2011
  Fire safety engineering Performance of structures in fire - First Edition
ISO TS 24679-2011
  Microbeam analysis Scanning electron microscopy Methods of evaluating image sharpness - First Edition
ISO TS 24597-2011
  Rolling bearings Parts library Part 1: Reference dictionary for rolling bearings - First Edition
ISO TS 23768-1-2011
  Safety requirements for lifts (elevators) Part 4: Global conformity assessment procedures (GCAP) Certification and accreditation requirements - First Edition
ISO TS 22559-4-2011
  Safety requirements for lifts (elevators) Part 3: Global conformity assessment procedures (GCAP) Prerequisites for certification of conformity of lift systems, lift components and lift functions - First Edition
ISO TS 22559-3-2011
  Plastics piping systems for hot and cold water installations Polyethylene of raised temperature resistance (PE-RT) Part 7: Guidance for the assessment of conformity - First Edition
ISO TS 22391-7-2011
  Health informatics Identification of subjects of health care - Second Edition
ISO TS 22220-2011
  Prerequisite programmes on food safety Part 3: Farming - First Edition
ISO TS 22002-3-2011
  Animal and vegetable fats and oils Determination of trace elements by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES) - First Edition
ISO TS 21033-2011
  Medical devices Hierarchical coding structure for adverse events Part 1: Event-type codes - First Edition
ISO TS 19218-1-2011
  Respiratory protective devices Human factors Part 3: Physiological responses and limitations of oxygen and limitations of carbon dioxide in the breathing environment - First Edition
ISO TS 16976-3-2011
  Respiratory protective devices Human factors Part 2: Anthropometrics TECHNICAL CORRIGENDUM 1 - First Edition
ISO TS 16976-2 CORR 1-2011
  Respiratory protective devices Marking and information supplied by the manufacturer - First Edition
ISO TS 16974-2011
  Electronic fee collection Evaluation of equipment for conformity to ISO/TS 17575-3 Part 1: Test suite structure and test purposes - First Edition
ISO TS 16410-1-2011
  Electronic fee collection Evaluation of equipment for conformity to ISO/TS 17575-1 Part 1: Test suite structure and test purposes - First Edition
ISO TS 16407-1-2011
  Footwear Critical substances potentially present in footwear and footwear components Determination of phthalates in footwear materials - First Edition
ISO TS 16181-2011
  Rubber compounding ingredients Carbon black Determination of the aggregate-size distribution at ultimate dispersion - First Edition
ISO TS 16176-2011
  Industrial automation systems and integration Integration of life-cycle data for process plants including oil and gas production facilities Part 8: Implementation methods for the integration of distributed systems: Web Ontology Language (OWL) implemen
ISO TS 15926-8-2011
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