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  Information technology Document description and processing languages Minimum requirements for specifying document rendering systems Part 2: Formatting specifications for document rendering systems - First Edition
ISO TR 24754-2-2011
  Systems and software engineering Life cycle management Part 3: Guide to the application of ISO/IEC 12207 (Software life cycle processes) - First Edition
ISO TR 24748-3-2011
  Systems and software engineering Life cycle management Part 2: Guide to the application of ISO/IEC 15288 (System life cycle processes) - First Edition
ISO TR 24748-2-2011
  Information technology Programming languages, their environments and system software interfaces Extensions for the programming language C++ to support decimal floating-point arithmetic - First Edition
ISO TR 24733-2011
  ITLET supportive technology and specification integration Part 1: Framework - First Edition
ISO TR 24725-1-2011
  Textiles and textile products Guidelines on the determination of the precision of a standard test method by interlaboratory trials - First Edition
ISO TR 24697-2011
  Information technology Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) Information Derived from Partition IV XML File - Third Edition
ISO TR 23272-2011
  Information and documentation Managing metadata for records Part 3: Self-assessment method - First Edition
ISO TR 23081-3-2011
  Societal security Technological capabilities - First Edition
ISO TR 22312-2011
  Plastics Determination of thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity Part 5: Results of interlaboratory testing of poly(methyl methacrylate) samples - First Edition
ISO TR 22007-5-2011
  Lasers and laser-related equipment Test methods for laser-induced damage threshold Part 4: Inspection, detection and measurement - First Edition
ISO TR 21254-4-2011
  Information technology Radio frequency identification for item management Electromagnetic interference impact of ISO/IEC 18000 interrogator emitters on implantable pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators - First Edition
ISO TR 20017-2011
  Information technology Database languages SQL Technical Reports Part 1: XQuery Regular Expression Support in SQL - First Edition
ISO TR 19075-1-2011
  Information technology Radio frequency identification device conformance test methods Part 3: Test methods for air interface communications at 13,56 MHz - Second Edition
ISO TR 18047-3-2011
  Guidelines for the repair of water-leakage cracks in concrete structures - First Edition
ISO TR 16475-2011
  Information technology Telecommunications and information exchange between systems Next Generation Corporate Networks (NGCN) Emergency calls - Second Edition
ISO TR 16167-2011
  Information technology Multimedia content description interface Part 8: Extraction and use of MPEG-7 descriptions AMENDMENT 6: Extraction and matching of video signature tools - First Edition
ISO TR 15938-8 AMD 6-2011
  Metallic and other inorganic coatings Evaluation of properties of dark-stain phenomenon of chromated coiled or sheet products - First Edition
ISO TR 15922-2011
  Hydraulic fluid power contamination control General principles and guidelines for selection and application of hydraulic filters - First Edition
ISO TR 15640-2011
  Information technology C Implementation and operation of customer premises cabling C Part 2-1: Planning and installation C Identifiers within administration systems - First Edition
ISO TR 14763-2-1-2011
  Workplace atmospheres Measurement of dermal exposure Principles and methods - First Edition
ISO TR 14294-2011
  Surface chemical analysis Characterization of nanostructured materials - First Edition
ISO TR 14187-2011
  Information technology C Part 372: Fibre channel methodologies for interconnects-2 (FC-MI-2) - First Edition
ISO TR 14165-372-2011
  Document management Change management for successful electronic document management system (EDMS) implementation - Second Edition
ISO TR 14105-2011
  Nanotechnologies Nanomaterial risk evaluation - First Edition
ISO TR 13121-2011
  Non-destructive testing Methods for absolute calibration of acoustic emission transducers by the reciprocity technique - First Edition
ISO TR 13115-2011
  Gas cylinders Guidance for design of composite cylinders Part 1: Stress rupture of fibres and burst ratios related to test pressure - First Edition
ISO TR 13086-1-2011
  Selected illustrations of gauge repeatability and reproducibility studies - First Edition
ISO TR 12888-2011
  Graphic technology Laboratory test method for chemical ghosting in lithography - First Edition
ISO TR 12705-2011
  Information technology User interface icons Part 1: Introduction to and overview of icon standards - First Edition
ISO TR 11581-1-2011
  Intelligent transport systems Use of nomadic and portable devices to support ITS service and multimedia provision in vehicles - First Edition
ISO TR 10992-2011
  Cast irons Part 2: Welding - First Edition
ISO TR 10809-2-2011
  Internal combustion engines Piston rings Expander/segment oil-control rings - Second Edition
ISO 6627-2011
  Microstructure of cast irons Part 2: Graphite classification by image analysis - First Edition
ISO TR 945-2-2011
  Air cargo unit load devices Performance requirements and test parameters - First Edition
ISO PAS 21100-2011
  Industrial automation systems and integration JT file format specification for 3D visualization - First Edition
ISO PAS 14306-2011
  Framework for managing sustainable development in business districts
ISO IWA 9-2011
  Rules for the structure and drafting of International Standards - Sixth Edition
  Procedures for the technical work - Eighth Edition
  ISO/IEC Directives Supplement Procedures specific to ISO - Second Edition
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