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  Information technology Programming languages C++ - Third Edition
ISO 14882-2011
  Intelligent transport systems Geographic Data Files (GDF) GDF5.0 - Second Edition
ISO 14825-2011
  Heavy commercial vehicles and buses Braking in a turn Open-loop test methods - Second Edition
ISO 14794-2011
  Road vehicles Heavy commercial vehicles and buses Lateral transient response test methods - Second Edition
ISO 14793-2011
  Road vehicles Heavy commercial vehicles and buses Steady-state circular tests - Second Edition
ISO 14792-2011
  Hexalobular socket raised countersunk (oval) head tapping screws - Second Edition
ISO 14587-2011
  Hexalobular socket pan head tapping screws - Second Edition
ISO 14585-2011
  Hexalobular socket raised countersunk head screws - Second Edition
ISO 14584-2011
  Hexalobular socket pan head screws - Second Edition
ISO 14583-2011
  Hexalobular socket cheese head screws - Second Edition
ISO 14580-2011
  Hexalobular socket head cap screws - Second Edition
ISO 14579-2011
  Information technology Coding of audio-visual objects Part 25: 3D Graphics Compression Model - Second Edition
ISO 14496-25-2011
  Welding consumables Determination of moisture resistance of manual metal arc welding electrodes by measurement of diffusible hydrogen - Second Edition
ISO 14372-2011
  Space systems Programme management Part 1: Structuring of a project - Second Edition
ISO 14300-1-2011
  Resistance welding Vickers hardness testing (low-force and microhardness) of resistance spot, projection, and seam welds - Second Edition
ISO 14271-2011
  Metallic powders, excluding hardmetals Method for testing copper-base infiltrating powders - Second Edition
ISO 14168-2011
  Sterilization of health care products Liquid chemical sterilizing agents for single-use medical devices utilizing animal tissues and their derivatives Requirements for characterization, development, validation and routine control of a sterilization pr
ISO 14160-2011
  Management environnemental Comptabilit des flux matires Cadre gnral - Premire dition
ISO 14051 -2011
  Environmental management Material flow cost accounting General framework - First Edition
ISO 14051-2011
  Metallic powders Test method for the determination of non-metallic inclusions in metal powders using a powder-forged specimen - Second Edition
ISO 13947-2011
  Lubricants, industrial oils and related products (class L) Family E (Internal combustion engine oils) Specifications for two-stroke-cycle gasoline engine oils (categories EGB, EGC and EGD) - Second Edition
ISO 13738-2011
  Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries Air-cooled heat exchangers - Third Edition
ISO 13706-2011
  Petroleum and natural gas industries Design and operation of subsea production systems Part 15: Subsea structures and manifolds - First Edition
ISO 13628-15-2011
  Petroleum and natural gas industries Completion fluids and materials Part 1: Measurement of viscous properties of completion fluids - Second Edition
ISO 13503-1-2011
  Industries du ptrole et du gaz naturel Fluides de forage valuation des systmes de traitement - Deuxime dition
ISO 13501 -2011
  Petroleum and natural gas industries Drilling fluids Processing equipment evaluation - Second Edition
ISO 13501-2011
  Ducted air-conditioners and air-to-air heat pumps Testing and rating for performance - Second Edition
ISO 13253-2011
  Ophthalmic optics Contact lens care products Guidelines for determination of shelf-life - Second Edition
ISO 13212-2011
  Water quality Determination of carbon 14 activity Liquid scintillation counting method - First Edition
ISO 13162-2011
  Water quality Measurement of polonium 210 activity concentration in water by alpha spectrometry - First Edition
ISO 13161-2011
  Microbeam analysis Electron backscatter diffraction Measurement of average grain size - First Edition
ISO 13067-2011
  Traceability of finfish products Specification on the information to be recorded in captured finfish distribution chains - First Edition
ISO 12875-2011
  Information technology 120 mm (8,54 Gbytes per side) and 80 mm (2,66 Gbytes per side) DVD recordable disk for dual layer (DVD-R for DL) - Second Edition
ISO 12862-2011
  Chemical analysis of refractory products by X-ray fluorescence (XRF) Fused cast-bead method - Second Edition
ISO 12677-2011
  Hot-finished structural hollow sections of non-alloy and fine grain steels Part 2: Dimensions and sectional properties - First Edition
ISO 12633-2-2011
  Hot-finished structural hollow sections of non-alloy and fine grain steels Part 1: Technical delivery conditions - First Edition
ISO 12633-1-2011
  Tissue paper and tissue products Part 1: General guidance on terms - Second Edition
ISO 12625-1 -2011
  Petroleum and natural gas industries Mechanical integrity and sizing of actuators and mounting kits for pipeline valves - First Edition
ISO 12490-2011
  Plastics pipes and fittings Equipment for fusion jointing polyethylene systems Part 3: Operator's badge - Third Edition
ISO 12176-3-2011
  Machinery for forestry General safety requirements - Third Edition
ISO 11850-2011
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