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  Identification cards Integrated circuit cards Part 1: Cards with contacts Physical characteristics - Second Edition
ISO 7816-1-2011
  Cross?country skis Ski?binding screws Test methods - Third Edition
ISO 7795-2011
  Cross-country skis Ski-binding screws Requirements - Third Edition
ISO 7794-2011
  Paints and varnishes Determination of water-vapour transmission properties Cup method - First Edition
ISO 7783-2011
  Mechanical vibration and shock Experimental determination of mechanical mobility Part 1: Basic terms and definitions, and transducer specifications - Second Edition
ISO 7626-1-2011
  Corrosion of metals and alloys Stress corrosion testing Part 6: Preparation and use of precracked specimens for tests under constant load or constant displacement - Third Edition
ISO 7539-6-2011
  Dentistry Dental units Part 1: General requirements and test methods - Second Edition
ISO 7494-1-2011
  Copper-bearing contraceptive intrauterine devices Requirements and tests - Second Edition
ISO 7439-2011
  Ski-poles for alpine skiing Requirements and test methods - Fourth Edition
ISO 7331-2011
  Rice Specification - Third Edition
ISO 7301-2011
  Aluminium and aluminium alloys Foil and thin strip Dimensional tolerances - Second Edition
ISO 7271-2011
  Rubber-covered rollers Determination of apparent hardness Part 3: Pusey and Jones method - Third Edition
ISO 7267-3-2011
  Corrugating medium Determination of the flat crush resistance after laboratory fluting - Fourth Edition
ISO 7263-2011
  Fire detection and alarm systems Part 7: Point-type smoke detectors using scattered light, transmitted light or ionization - Second Edition
ISO 7240-7-2011
  Implants for surgery Components for partial and total knee joint prostheses Part 2: Articulating surfaces made of metal, ceramic and plastics materials - Second Edition
ISO 7207-2-2011
  Ductile iron products for sewerage applications - Third Edition
ISO 7186-2011
  Mopeds Measurement method for determining maximum speed - Third Edition
ISO 7116-2011
  Hexagon washer head tapping screws - Second Edition
ISO 7053-2011
  Cross-recessed raised countersunk (oval) head tapping screws - Second Edition
ISO 7051-2011
  Cross-recessed countersunk (flat) head tapping screws - Second Edition
ISO 7050-2011
  Cross-recessed cheese head screws - Second Edition
ISO 7048-2011
  Raised countersunk head screws (common head style) with type H or type Z cross recess Product grade A - Third Edition
ISO 7047-2011
  Countersunk flat head screws (common head style) with type H or type Z cross recess Product grade A Part 2: Steel screws of property class 8.8, stainless steel screws and non-ferrous metal screws - Second Edition
ISO 7046-2-2011
  Countersunk flat head screws (common head style) with type H or type Z cross recess Product grade A Part 1: Steel screws of property class 4.8 - Second Edition
ISO 7046-1-2011
  Pan head screws with type H or type Z cross recess Product grade A - Third Edition
ISO 7045-2011
  Pipe flanges Part 1: Steel flanges for industrial and general service piping systems - Second Edition
ISO 7005-1-2011
  Welding and allied processes Welding positions - Third Edition
ISO 6947-2011
  Rubber, vulcanized Determination of tension fatigue - Third Edition
ISO 6943-2011
  Dentistry Patient chair - Third Edition
ISO 6875-2011
  Tools for moulding Ejector pins with cylindrical head - Fourth Edition
ISO 6751-2011
  Road vehicles 60 V and 600 V singlecore cables Part 1: Dimensions, test methods and requirements for copper conductor cables - Fourth Edition
ISO 6722-1-2011
  Plastics - Determination of dynamic mechanical properties Part 1: General principles - Third Edition
ISO 6721-1-2011
  Rice Determination of the potential milling yield from paddy and from husked rice - Third Edition
ISO 6646-2011
  Tobacco and tobacco products Draw resistance of cigarettes and pressure drop of filter rods Standard conditions and measurement - Fourth Edition
ISO 6565-2011
  Electrically propelled road vehicles Safety specifications Part 3: Protection of persons against electric shock - Second Edition
ISO 6469-3-2011
  Face and shoulder milling cutters with indexable inserts Dimensions - Second Edition
ISO 6462-2011
  Wrought aluminium and aluminium alloys Sheets, strips and plates Part 2: Mechanical properties - Third Edition
ISO 6361-2-2011
  Paints and varnishes Rapiddeformation (impact resistance) tests Part 2: Falling-weight test, small-area indenter - Second Edition
ISO 6272-2-2011
  Thermoplastics hoses, textile-reinforced, for general-purpose water applications Specification - Fourth Edition
ISO 6224-2011
  Metallic and other inorganic coatings Electrodeposited coatings of chromium for engineering purposes - Third Edition
ISO 6158-2011
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