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  Rubber - Determination of solvent extract
AFNOR NF ISO 1407-2012
  Specification for dedicated liquefied petroleum gas appliances - Barbecues for outdoor use contact grills included
AFNOR NF EN 498-2012
  Plastics piping systems for water supply, and for drainage and sewerage under pressure - Polyerhylene (PE) - Part 4 : valves for water supply systems
AFNOR NF EN 12201-4-2012
  Indexable hardmetal (carbide) inserts with rounded corners, with cylindrical fixing hole - Dimensions
AFNOR NF ISO 3364-2012
  Aerospace series - Burning behaviour of non metallic materials under the influence of radiating heat and flames - Determination of gas components in the smoke
AFNOR NF EN 2826-2012
  Corrosion of metals and alloys - Corrosivity of atmospheres - Guiding values for the corrosivity categories
AFNOR NF EN ISO 9224-2012
  Plastics - Determination of thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity - Part 4 : laser flash method
AFNOR NF EN ISO 22007-4-2012
  Transportable gas cylinders - Fully wrapped composite cylinders
AFNOR NF EN 12245+A1-2012
  Industrial valves - Test of flow resistance using water as test fluid
AFNOR NF EN 1267-2012
  Anaesthetic vaporizers - Agent-specific filling systems
AFNOR NF EN ISO 5360-2012
  Laminate floor coverings - Test method for the determination of micro-scratch resistance
AFNOR NF EN 16094-2012
  Aerospace series - Steel and heat resisting alloys - Wrought products - Technical specification - Part 002 : bar and section
AFNOR NF EN 4700-002-2012
  Plastic containers for intravenous injections
AFNOR NF EN ISO 15747-2012
  VHF air-ground Digital Link (VDL) Mode 4 radio equipment - Technical characteristics and methods of measurementfor ground-based equipment - Part 3 : additional broadcast aspects (V1.3.1)
AFNOR NF EN 301842-3-2012.02.12
  Hand-held non-electric power tools - Safety requirements - Part 10 : compression power tools
AFNOR NF EN ISO 11148-10-2012
  Aerospace series - Titanium and titanium alloys - Technical specification - Part 006 : pre-production and production forgings
AFNOR NF EN 4800-006-2012
  Chemical analysis of refractory material glass and glazes - Determination of Fe2+ and Fe3+ by the spectral photometric method with 1,10-phenanthroline
AFNOR NF EN ISO 14719-2012
  Mechanical vibration - Laboratory method for evaluating vehicle seat vibration - Part 1 : basic requirements - Amendment 2
AFNOR NF EN 30326-1/A2-2012
  Mechanical standardization of semiconductor devices - Part 6-12 : general rules for the preparation of outline drawings of surface mounted semiconductor device packages - Design guide for fine-pitch land grid array (FLGA)
AFNOR NF EN 60191-6-12-2012
  Aerospace series - Lamps, incandescent - Part 078 : lamp, code 6838 - Product standard
AFNOR NF EN 2240-078-2012
  Water-tube boilers and auxiliary installations - Part 3 : design and calculation for pressure parts of the boiler
AFNOR NF EN 12952-3-2012
  Agricultural and forestry machinery - Safety requirements and testing for portable hand-held powered brush-cutters and grass-trimmers - Part 1 : machines fitted with an integral combustion engine
AFNOR NF EN ISO 11806-1-2012
  Winter maintenance equipment - Road weather information systems - Part 2 : road weather - Recommended observation and forecast
AFNOR NF EN 15518-2-2012
  Acoustics - Determination of sound power levels and sound energy levels of noise sources using sound pressure - Precision methods for reverberation test rooms
AFNOR NF EN ISO 3741-2012
  Machinery for forestry - Portable chain-saw safety requirements and testing - Part 1 : chain-saws for forest service
AFNOR NF EN ISO 11681-1-2012
  Small craft - Carbon monoxide (CO) detection systems
AFNOR NF ISO 12133-2012
  Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) - Part 6 : harmonized EN covering the essential requirements of article 3.2 of the R&TTE Directive for deployed surface movement radar sensors - Sub-part 1 : X-band sensors using pulsed signa
AFNOR NF EN 303213-6-1-2012
  Woodworking machines - Surface planing machines with cutterblock for one-side dressing - Nomenclature and acceptance conditions
AFNOR NF ISO 7571-2012
  Aerospace series - Titanium and titanium alloys - Technical specification - Part 004 : wire
AFNOR NF EN 4800-004-2012
  Earth-mover tyres and rims - Part 3 : rims
AFNOR NF ISO 4250-3-2012
  Aerospace series - Lamps, incandescent - Part 080 : lamp, code 7007-704 - Product standard
AFNOR NF EN 2240-080-2012
  Exchange format in marine and transport insurance
AFNOR NF Z67-137-2012
  Rubber compounding ingredients - Sulfur - Methods of test
AFNOR NF ISO 8332-2012
  Hand-held non-electric power tools - Safety requirements - Part 5 : rotary percussive drills
AFNOR NF EN ISO 11148-5-2012
  Aerospace series - Titanium and titanium alloys - Technical specification - Part 005 : forging stock
AFNOR NF EN 4800-005-2012
  Acoustics - Determination of sound power levels and sound energy levels of noise sources using sound pressure - Engineering methods for an essentially free field over a reflecting plane
AFNOR NF EN ISO 3744-2012
  Ergonomics of human-system interaction - Part 303 : requirements for electronic visual displays
AFNOR NF EN ISO 9241-303-2012
  Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products - Test methods for non-metallic blast-cleaning abrasives - Part 3 : determination of apparent density
AFNOR NF EN ISO 11127-3-2012
  Connectors for frequencies below 3 MHz - Part 9 : circular connectors for radio and associated sound equipment
AFNOR NF EN 60130-9-2012
  Water meters - Part 1 : general requirements
AFNOR NF EN 14154-1+A2-2012
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