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  Medical electrical equipment - Part 2-55 : particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of respiratory gas monitors
AFNOR NF EN ISO 80601-2-55-2012
  Plastics - Determination of the melt mass-flow rate (MFR) and melt volume-flow rate (MVR) of thermoplastics - Part 1 : standard method
AFNOR NF EN ISO 1133-1-2012
  Winter maintenance equipment - Road weather information systems - Part 3 : requirements on measured values of stationary equipments
AFNOR NF EN 15518-3-2012
  Glass in building - Thermally toughened borosilicate safety glass - Part 1 : definition and description
AFNOR NF EN 13024-1-2012
  Railway applications - Track - Railbound construction and maintenance machines - Part 2 : technical requirements for working
AFNOR NF EN 14033-2+A1-2012
  Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products - Test methods for non-metallic blast-cleaning abrasives - Part 2 : determination of particle size distribution
AFNOR NF EN ISO 11127-2-2012
  Inflation devices and accessories for inflatable consumer products - Part 2 : safety requirements, durability, performance, compatibility and test methods of inflators
AFNOR NF EN 16051-2-2012
  Dentistry - Number coding system for rotary instruments - Part 2 : shapes Amendment 1
AFNOR NF EN ISO 6360-2/A1-2012
  Sanitary appliances - Resistance to hot alkaline products of enamelled surfaces - Conventional test method
AFNOR NF D14-507-2012
  Friction stir welding - Aluminium - Part 5 : quality and inspection requirements
AFNOR NF EN ISO 25239-5-2012
  Cosmetics - Analytical methods - Validation criteria for analytical results using chromatographic techniques
AFNOR NF ISO 12787-2012
  Water meters - Part 3 : test methods and equipment
AFNOR NF EN 14154-3/IN2-2012
  Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry - Serial control and communications data network - Part 4 : network layer
AFNOR NF ISO 11783-4-2012
  Sanitary appliances - Built-in frames
AFNOR NF D12-208-2012
  Contact lens solutions - Evaluation of ocular cytotoxic potentiel of lens solution products
AFNOR NF S11-820-2012
  Zinc or zinc alloy coated non-alloy steel wire for armouring either power cables or telecommunication cables - Part 2 : submarine cables
AFNOR NF EN 10257-2-2012
  Woodworking machines - Single blade circular saw benches with or without travelling table - Nomenclature and acceptance conditions
AFNOR NF ISO 7008-2012
  Hand-held non-electric power tools - Safety requirements - Part 9 : die grinders
AFNOR NF EN ISO 11148-9-2012
  Cable trunking systems and cable ducting systems for electrical installations - Part 2-1 : cable trunking systems and cable ducting systems intended for mounting on walls and ceilings
AFNOR NF EN 50085-2-1/A1-2012
  Insulating, sheathing and covering materials for low voltage energy cables - Part 8 : Halogen-free, thermoplastic sheathing compounds
AFNOR NF EN 50363-8/A1-2012
  Soil improvers and growing media - Determination of electrical conductivity
AFNOR NF EN 13038-2012
  Zinc or zinc alloy coated non-alloy steel wire for armouring either power cables or telecommunication cables - Part 1 : land cables
AFNOR NF EN 10257-1-2012
  Steel wire for mechanical springs - Part 3 : stainless spring steel wire
AFNOR NF EN 10270-3-2012
  Radio data system (RDS) - Receiver products and characteristics - Methods of measurements
AFNOR NF EN 62634-2012
  Machinery for forestry - Safety requirements and testing for pole-mounted powered pruners - Part 2 : machines for use with back-pack power source
AFNOR NF EN ISO 11680-2-2012
  Surface-active agents and detergents - Determination of water content - Karl Fischer methods
AFNOR NF ISO 4317-2012
  Workplace exposure - Terminology
AFNOR NF EN 1540-2012
  Rubber - Compatibility between hydraulic fluids and standard elastomeric materials
AFNOR NF ISO 6072-2012
  Power transformers - Part 16 : transformers for wind turbines application
AFNOR NF EN 60076-16-2012
  Agricultural and forestry machinery - Safety requirements and testing for portable hand-held powered brush-cutters and grass-trimmers - Part 2 : machines with back-pack power source
AFNOR NF EN ISO 11806-2-2012
  Geometrical product specifications (GPS) - General concepts - Part 1 : model for geometrical specification and verification
AFNOR NF EN ISO 17450-1-2012
  Cosmetics - Sun protection test methods - In vivo determination of sunscreen UVA protection
AFNOR NF EN ISO 24442-2012
  Fertilizers - Extraction of water soluble phosphorus
AFNOR NF EN 15958-2012
  Friction stir welding - Aluminium - Part 4 : specification and qualification of welding procedures
AFNOR NF EN ISO 25239-4-2012
  Leather - Determination of water resistance of flexible leather - Part 2 : repeated angular compression (Maeser)
AFNOR NF EN ISO 5403-2-2012
  Fiche d'interprtation n 15-100 F24 de la norme NF C15-100 de dcembre 2002
AFNOR NF C15-100 F24-2012
  Founding - Spheroidal graphite cast irons
AFNOR NF EN 1563-2012
  Fertilizers - Extraction of water-soluble calcium, magnesium, sodium and sulfur in the form of sulfates
AFNOR NF EN 15961-2012
  Aerospace series - Vacuum deposition of cadmium
AFNOR NF EN 2535-2012
  Natural stone products - Dimensional stone work - Requirements
AFNOR NF EN 12059+A1-2012
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