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  Geometrical product specifications (GPS) - Dimensional tolerancing - Part 2 : dimensions other than linear sizes
AFNOR NF EN ISO 14405-2-2012
  Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures - Part 1 : requirements for conformity assessment of structural components
AFNOR NF EN 1090-1/IN1-2012
  Industrial-process control valves - Part 7 : control valve data sheet
AFNOR NF EN 60534-7-2012
  Unfired pressure vessels - Part 4 : fabrication
AFNOR NF EN 13445-4 V3/A1-2012
  Operations on electrical network and installations and in an electrical environment - Electrical risk prevention
AFNOR NF C18-510-2012
  Leather - Physical and mechanical tests - Determination of tensile strength and percentage extension
AFNOR NF EN ISO 3376-2012
  Building hardware - Requirements and test methods for windows and door height windows - Part 5 : devices that restrict the opening of windows and door height windows
AFNOR NF EN 13126-5-2012
  Machines bridge reamers
AFNOR NF ISO 2238-2012
  Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-24 : particular requirements for refrigerating appliances, ice-cream appliances and ice makers
AFNOR NF EN 60335-2-24-2012
  Environmental testing - Part 2-83 : tests - Test Tf : solderability testing of electronic components for surface mounting devices (SMD) by the wetting balance method using solder paste
AFNOR NF EN 60068-2-83-2012
  Building hardware - Requirements and test methods for windows and door-height windows - Part 3 : handles, primarily for Tilt and Turn, Tilt-First and Turn-Only hardware
AFNOR NF EN 13126-3-2012
  Lamp control gear - Part 2-3 : particular requirements for a.c. and/or d.c. supplied electronic control gear for fluorescent lamps
AFNOR NF EN 61347-2-3-2012
  Functional receiver specification of satellite digital interactive television with a low data rate return channel via satellite - Modem layer specification
AFNOR NF EN 50478-2012
  Liquid crystal display devices - Part 6-3 : measuring methods for liquid crystal display modules - Motion artifact measurement of active matrix liquid crystal display modules
AFNOR NF EN 61747-6-3-2012
  Road transport and traffic telematics - Public transport - Reference data model
AFNOR NF EN 12896-2012
  Machinery for forestry - General safety requirements
AFNOR NF EN ISO 11850-2012
  Tungsten halogen lamps (non-vehicle) - Performance specifications
AFNOR NF EN 60357/A3-2012
  Microbeam analysis - Electron backscatter diffraction - Measurement of average grain size
AFNOR NF ISO 13067-2012
  Cranes - Vocabulary - Part 3 : tower cranes - Amendment 1
AFNOR NF ISO 4306-3/A1-2012
  Electrical apparatus for the detection and measurement of toxic and combustible gases in car parks and tunnels - Part 1 : general performance requirements and test methods for the detection and measurement of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides
AFNOR NF EN 50545-1-2012
  Electroacoustics - Hearing aids - Part 13 : electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
AFNOR NF EN 60118-13-2012
  Fiche d'interprtation n 15-100 F23 de la norme NF C15-100 de dcembre 2002
AFNOR NF C15-100 F23-2012
  Conservation of cultural property - Indoor climate - Part 1 : guidelines for heating churches, chapels and other places of worship
AFNOR NF EN 15759-1-2012
  Environmental testing - Part 3-1 : supporting documentation and guidance - Cold and dry heat tests
AFNOR NF EN 60068-3-1-2012
  Food irradiation - Requirements for the development, validation and routine control of the process of irradiation using ionizing radiation for the treatment of food
AFNOR NF ISO 14470-2012
  Building works - Timber structures connected with metal plate fasteners or gussets - Part 3 : design requirements
AFNOR NF DTU 31.3 P3-2012
  Microbeam analysis - Quantitative analysis using energy-dispersive spectrometry (EDS) for elements with an atomic number of 11 (Na) or above
AFNOR NF ISO 22309-2012
  Concrete roofing tiles and fittings for roof covering and wall cladding - Product specifications
AFNOR NF EN 490-2012
  Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic - Determination of shear modulus and adhesion to rigid plates - Quadruple-shear methods
AFNOR NF ISO 1827-2012
  Leather - Physical and mechanical tests - Determination of bending force
AFNOR NF EN ISO 14087-2012
  Building works - Timber structures connected with metal plate fasteners or gussets - Part 1-1 : contract bill of technical model clauses
AFNOR NF DTU 31.3 P1-1-2012
  Building works - Timber structures connected with metal plate fasteners or gussets - Part 2 : contract bill of special administrative model clauses
AFNOR NF DTU 31.3 P2-2012
  Domestic direct gas-fired tumble dryers of types B22D and B23D, of nominal heat input not exceeding 6 kW - Part 1 : safety
AFNOR NF EN 1458-1-2012
  Leather - Physical and mechanical tests - Determination of softness
AFNOR NF EN ISO 17235-2012
  Founding - Compacted (vermicular) graphite cast irons
AFNOR NF EN 16079-2012
  Building works - Timber structures connected with metal plate fasteners or gussets - Part 1-2 : general criteria for selection of materials
AFNOR NF DTU 31.3 P1-2-2012
  Precast concrete products - Box culverts
AFNOR NF EN 14844+A2-2012
  Intelligent transport systems - ESafety - ECall minimum set of data (MSD)
AFNOR NF EN 15722-2012
  Countersunk flat head screws (common head style) with type H or type Z cross recess - Product grade A - Part 2 : steel of property class 8.8, stainless steel screws and non-ferrous metal screws
AFNOR NF EN ISO 7046-2-2012
  IMT cellular networks - Harmonised EN covering the essential requirements of article 3.2 of the R&TTE Directive - Part 21 : OFDMA TDD WMAN (Mobile WiMAX)FDD User Equipment (UE) (V5.2.1)
AFNOR NF EN 301908-21-2012
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