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  Leather - Chemical tests - Quantitative analysis of tanning agents by filter method
AFNOR NF EN ISO 14088-2012
  Animal feeding stuffs - Determination of selenium by hydride generation atomic absorption spectrometry (HGAAS) after microwave digestion (extraction with 65% nitric acid and 30% hydrogen peroxide)
AFNOR NF EN 16159-2012
  Non-active surgical implants - Implants for osteosynthesis - Particular requirements
AFNOR NF EN ISO 14602-2012
  Aerospace series - Connectors, electrical, rectangular, modular - Operating temperature 175C continuous - Part 025 : module receptacle - Product Norm
AFNOR NF EN 4165-025-2012
  Resilient and laminate floor coverings - Determination of indentation and residual indentation - Part 1 : residual indentation
AFNOR NF EN ISO 24343-1-2012
  Fire safety engineering - Fire risk assessment - Part 1 : general
AFNOR NF ISO 16732-1-2012
  Cathodic protection of steel in concrete
AFNOR NF EN ISO 12696-2012
  Facility Management - Part 4 : taxonomy, classification and structures in Facility Management
AFNOR NF EN 15221-4-2012
  Resilient floor coverings - Determination of flexibility and deflection
AFNOR NF EN ISO 24344-2012
  Structural timber and wood-based products - Resistance clauses and related permissible stresses
AFNOR NF P21-400-2012
  Vitrified clay pipe systems for drains and sewers - Part 3 : test methods
AFNOR NF EN 295-3-2012
  Resilient floor coverings - Determination of staining and resistance to chemicals
AFNOR NF EN ISO 26987-2012
  Soils : investigation and testing - Inspection of compaction quality - Method using a variable energy dynamic penetrometer - Principle and method for calibrating the penetrometer - Exploitation of results - Interpretation
AFNOR NF P94-105-2012
  Metal bellows expansion joints for pressure applications
AFNOR NF EN 14917+A1-2012
  Soil quality - Method to directly extract DNA from soil samples
AFNOR NF ISO 11063-2012
  Geotechnical investigation and testing - Field testing - Part 3 : standard penetration test - Amendment 1
AFNOR NF EN ISO 22476-3/A1-2012
  Tanks for transport of dangerous goods - Service equipment for tanks - Vapour transfer valve
AFNOR NF EN 13082+A1-2012
  Testing fresh concrete - Part 1 : sampling
AFNOR NF EN 12350-1-2012
  Geotechnical investigation and testing - Field testing - Part 2 : dynamic probing - Amendment 1
AFNOR NF EN ISO 22476-2/A1-2012
  Ceramic tiles - Part 4 : determination of modulus of rupture and breaking strength
AFNOR NF EN ISO 10545-4-2012
  Animal feeding stuffs - Determination of Hydrocyanic acid by HPLC
AFNOR NF EN 16160-2012
  Industrial tourism - General quality service requirements
AFNOR NF X50-823-2012
  Facility Management - Part 6 : area and space measurement in facility management
AFNOR NF EN 15221-6-2012
  Protective helmets - Test methods - Part 5 : retention system strength
AFNOR NF EN 13087-5-2012
  Testing concrete in structures - Part 1 : cored specimens - Taking, examining and testing in compression
AFNOR NF EN 12504-1-2012
  Tanks for transport of dangerous goods - Service equipment for tanks - Vapour collection adaptor and coupler
AFNOR NF EN 13081/IN1-2012
  Tanks for transport of dangerous goods - Service equipment for tanks - Vapour collection adaptor and coupler
AFNOR NF EN 13081+A1-2012
  Waste - Qualification of personnel able to carry out the determination of the coefficient of permeabiliby of an in situ geological formation or of imported or artificially reconstituted materials - Criteria for the qualification of firms and personnel
AFNOR NF X30-490-2012
  Road vehicles - Ergonomic aspects of transport information and control systems - Specifications for in-vehicle auditory presentation
AFNOR NF EN ISO 15006-2012
  Aerospace series - Cadmium plating of steels with specified tensile strength inferior or equal 1 450 MPa, copper, copper alloys and nickel alloys
AFNOR NF EN 2133-2012
  Precast concrete products - Hollow core slabs
AFNOR NF EN 1168+A3-2012
  Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products - Surface roughness characteristics of blast-cleaned steel substrates - Part 4 : method for the calibration of ISO surface profile comparators and for the determination of s
AFNOR NF EN ISO 8503-4-2012
  Testing fresh concrete - Part 7 : air content - Pressure methods
AFNOR NF EN 12350-7-2012
  Resilient, textile and laminate floor coverings - Test method for volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions
AFNOR NF EN ISO 10580-2012
  Footwear for firefighters
AFNOR NF EN 15090-2012
  Testing fresh concrete - Part 3 : vebe test
AFNOR NF EN 12350-3-2012
  Resilient floor coverings - Determination of density
AFNOR NF EN ISO 23996-2012
  Intelligent transport systems - ECall - Operating requirements for third party support
AFNOR NF EN 16102-2012
  Shell boilers - Part 1 : general
AFNOR NF EN 12953-1-2012
  Testing hardened concrete - Part 6 : tensile splitting strength of test specimens
AFNOR NF EN 12390-6-2012
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