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׼ ׼ ׼Ӣ
   װ.ͼ.(ŷޱ׼ EN 132)
 NF S76-001-1999  (Respiratory protective devices. Definitions of terms and pictograms.)
   պͺϵ.ǿ25Aڵ¶Ȳʽ·.Ʒ׼(ŷޱ׼ EN 2495)
 NF L58-531-1990  (Aerospace series. Single-pole circuit breakers temperature compensated rated currents up to 25 A. Product standard.)
   .װ÷(ŷޱ׼EN 1626)
 NF E86-507-1999  (Cryogenic vessels. Valves for cryogenic service.)
   Сֺͳ.ҽԺִ(ŷޱ׼EN 12531)
 NF H96-614-1998  (Castors and wheels. Hospital bed castors.)
   ҵ.ع().3:Գü(ŷޱ׼EN ISO 11568-3)
 NF K19-203-1996  (Banking. Key management (retail). Part 3 : key life cycle for symmetric ciphers.)
 NF Z82-182-6-2001  ()
   ͵ѹתغͿƿصĿ.һҪ(ŷޱ׼ EN 50298)
 NF C63-498-1999  (Empty enclosures for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear. General requirements.)
   زƷ.ԻڳߴIJⶨ(EN ISO 12956)
 NF G38-141-1999  (Geotextiles and geotextile-related products. Determination of the characteristic opening size.)
   պϵ.ɻ͸ϵ鷽.19:ƳܵIJⶨ(ŷޱ׼EN 2155-19)
 NF L17-600-19-1996  (Aerospace series. Test methods for transparent materials for aircraft glazing. Part 19 : determination of craze resistance.)
 NF Z82-185-6-2001  ()
   ϵ.Ƕʽ,,Ȧ,ϽNI-PH2801(INCONEL X 750)
 NF L24-984-1998  (Aerospace series. Inserts, screw thread, helical coil, self-locking, in heat resisting nickel base alloy NI-PH2801 (Inconel X750), silver plated.)
 NF Z82-097-3-2001  ()
 NF M60-703-1998  (Evaluation of surface contamination. Part 3 : isomeric transition and electron capture emitters, low energy beta-emitters (E beta max inferior to 0,15 MeV).)
 NF L44-615-1989  (Aerospace. Gaseous oxygen replenishment for use in fluid systems (new type). Dimensions (inch series).)
   Сֺͳ.鷽װ(ŷޱ׼EN 12527)
 NF H96-610-1998  (Castors and wheels. Test methods and apparatus.)
   βƷ淶.ι.λù(EN ISO 5458)
 NF E04-559-1999  (Geometrical product specifications (GPS). Geometrical tolerancing. Positional tolerancing.)
   Сֺͳ.1,1M/S(4KM/H)װõֺС(ŷޱ׼EN 12532)
 NF H96-615-1998  (Castors and wheels. Castors and wheels for applications up to 1,1 m/s (4 km/h).)
   Сֺͳ.ʻ.ƼźͶʵ.(ŷޱ׼EN 12526)
 NF H96-601-1998  (Castors and wheels. Vocabulary, recommended symbols and multilingual dictionary.)
   ͭͭϽ.ຬIJⶨ.B(Rhondamine B)ײⶨ
 NF A06-709-1986  (Copper and copper alloys. Determination of antimony content. Rhodamine B spectrometric method.)
   .״Ͳ״ȫ.3:״(ŷޱ׼EN ISO 12543-3)
   պϵ.Fӵ(ŷޱ׼EN 2993)
 NF L56-256-1996  (Aerospace series. Nickel-cadmium batteries of format F type.)
   캽ϵ.ϽԲ.ֱ3.2MMD100MM.0.6MMA2.5MM.ߴ(ŷޱ׼EN 2258)
 NF L15-651-1997  (Aerospace series. Circular tubes for fluids in aluminium and aluminium alloys. Diameter 3,2 mm inferior or equal to D inferior or equal to 100 mm. Thickness 0,6 mm inferior or equal to a inferior or equal to 2,5 mm. Dimensions.)
   ̶װ.װԪ.8:CO2װҪ鷽(ŷޱ׼EN 12094-8)
 NF S62-138-1998  (Fixed firefighting system. Components for gas extinguishing systems. Part 8 : requirements and test methods for flexible connectors for CO2 systems.)
   ȵż.2:ṹҪ(ŷޱ׼EN 1434-2)
 NF E17-401-2-1997  (Heat meters. Part 2 : constructional requirements.)
   պϵ.ӵ.淶(ŷޱ׼EN 2570)
 NF L56-250-1996  (Aerospace series. Nickel-cadmium batteries. Technical specification.)
   Һȼȼװðȫֹ.ȫҪ,.(ŷޱ׼ EN 264)
 NF D36-501-1991  (Safety shut-off devices for combustin plants using liquid fuels. Safety requirements and testing.)
 NF Z84-525-2-2001  ()
   亸˿ʵо.淶鷽.2:ۼIJⶨ(EN ISO 12224-2)
 NF A81-373-2-1999  (Flux cored solder wire. Specification and test methods. Part 2 : determination of flux content.)
   NF EN 50083-7-1996ļ
 NF C90-101-7/AC1-2000  ()
 NF C42-198-10-2001  ()
   ҵ.ع().1:عĽ(ŷޱ׼EN ISO 11568-1)
 NF K19-200-1996  (Banking. Key management (retail). Part 1 : introduction to key management.)
   ϵ.ԺղƷı(ŷޱ׼EN 2424)
 NF L09-010-1995  (Aerospace series. Marking of aerospace products.)
   ҵ.ع().2:Գüع(ŷޱ׼EN ISO 11568-2)
 NF K19-202-1996  (Banking. Key management (retail). Part 2 : key management techniques for symmetric ciphers.)
   հϸ淶.ѧάϵͳϵͳ÷ܼ.(ŷޱ׼ EN 120008)
 NF C86-508-1993  (Blank detail specification. Light emitting diodes and infrared emitting diodes for fibre optic system or sub-system.)
   ͼ.;λıʾ(ŷޱ׼EN ISO 6413)
 NF E04-119-1995  (Technical drawings. Representation of splines and serrations.)
   ש͵ذש.1:ˮE3%Сڻ6%ļѹεĴש͵ذש.(AIII).(ŷޱ׼ EN 186
 NF P61-402-1-1991  (Ceramic tiles. Extruded ceramic tiles with a water absorption of E superior to 3 per cent and inferior or equal to 6 per cent (group AIIa). Part 1.)
 NF B35-512-1983  (Laboratory glassware. Glass hydrometers. Conventional value for the thermal cubic expansion coefficient (for use in the preparation of measurement tables for liquids).)
 NF Z82-210-4-2001  ()
   պϵ.ۻȸȦ(ŷޱ׼EN 2948)
 NF L23-353-1997  (Aerospace series. Washers, tab, in heat resisting steel, passivated.)
   չҵ.ɻ͸ϵ鷽.21:չⶨ(Kϵ)(ŷޱ׼ EN 2155-21)
 NF L17-600-21-1989  (Aerospace industry. Test methods for transparent materials for aircraft glazing. Part 21 : Determination of resistance to crack propagation (K factor).)
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